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 The Old Globe kicks off its summer Shakespeare season with a debate over how best to challenge a ruler's legitimacy, especially if he is divinely chosen to lead.
Tony Award-winner Robert Sean Leonard takes on the title role in "King Richard II," a leader who believes in the divine right of kings dealing with a revolt against his rule. Leonard is perhaps best known for his roles in the movie "Dead Poets Society" or the TV series "House," but has been performing at The Old Globe for more than 20 years.
"I think this play is the story of a man born into immense power, who feels he is chosen by God to rule, but he is actually quite distant from himself, from his humanity and his fallibility," director Erica Schmidt said. "We see the abuse of power, and the cycle of vengeance, and the deep, isolating fear of betrayal—which was quite radical for Shakespeare to write about."
"King Richard II" runs through July 15.
Leonard joins KPBS Midday Edition on Wednesday to discuss what he finds so compelling about his latest role.

Listen to the radio interview on the site here: www.kpbs.org/news/2017/jun/14/robert-sean-leonard-returns-old-globe-richard-ii/
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 Photographer Jim Cox posted some pics of the Richard II dress rehearsal:

Shooting production photos at the final dress of RICHARD II,@theoldglobe. Starring @robertseanleonard. A terrific production. And RSL is wonderful!#theaterphotography #oldglobe

Links to the pics here:

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This was from the 1990s photoshoot with Ethan. I haven't seen this one before.
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If the picture doesn't show up, click the text.


Apr. 21st, 2017 10:58 am
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Mods, I'm not sure how to tag this. I found it doing a Google image search.


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