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Found RSL's name mentioned in an artlcle about a woman with MS (multiple sclerosis).

Thus far, her story has attracted the attention and support of a number of big names, such as actor Robert Sean Leonard (a Ridgewood High School graduate) and Gabriella Salick, an internationally renowned equestrian;
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Ken Ludwig’s Robin Hood and Robert Sean Leonard Tapped for Old Globe

As we know, RSL will be playing Richard II at the Old Globe Theater.  Here is an article about it.

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Broadway World has an article about the Westport Country Playhouse 2016 "Gala." It included the cast of Camelot belting out some tunes.

Here's a link and a photo.

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[Elizabeth] Crane, who is 54 and goes by Betsy to her friends, published her first novel at 41. She met her husband around the same time while they were living in Chicago. On an overcast March afternoon, I met up with the couple at the Manhattan apartment of their friend actor Robert Sean Leonard. [x]

I thought RSL and Gabby moved to New Jersey.

Hawke had “goofed around” with music ever since Robert Sean Leonard taught him guitar on the set of Dead Poets Society.[x]

RSL's Dad

Feb. 13th, 2016 03:06 pm
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Something a bit different from reading reviews. I found this piece about Pascack Valley High School 40th year reunion with a bit about what became of former teachers including Roberts dad Robert Leonard.
Under the cut...
Robert LeonardRead more... )

Added reviews here despite opening comment still turning up

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Found an old RSL snippet from 1999 in Parade magazine from March 21st 1999. (I can't seem to get a good look at it. I might go to my library and see if they have it).

Remember that Character Studies (PBS) documentary (that never aired) where RSL was interviewed about the Music Man?
Well the director of that doc teaches an acting class where he shows snippets from that interview.

And finally, here's more in-depth information about what play RSL performed in the 24 Hour Plays on September 24, 2001.


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