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I came across these while going through the archives of my old Tumblr. I made it ages ago whilst laughing with a friend about all the hilarious things RSL has said about making this movie! I thought I'd share them with you guys here:

  • “I haven’t even seen it,” the 32-year-old thesp sheepishly admits to TV Guide Online. “I mean, I [finished] it and it was like I got out of the car [and] pretended it never happened. I walked away from the accident. I didn’t even call the police.”

  • After a string of flops and direct-to-video releases (Ground Control, anyone?), Leonard felt Driven not for the paycheck, but for the exposure. “I wish it had been [for money],” he laughs. “I’d at least feel a little cleaner in my soul.

  • "I picked a film that I thought a lot of people would see because racing’s huge and a part that I thought I’d be pretty good in and could have fun in,” he adds. “I get to yell at Estella Warren and Kip Pardue!”

  • “But no, I really enjoyed playing that guy. And it was nice to be in a movie that came out [laughter]”

  • “I’ll tell you a weird story. I went to L.A. to do the audition for Driven. My part was a sports agent who’s very glib. It was about three or four pages of dialogue. So I memorized it a couple of days before the audition, and I went in that day dressed like I imagined this guy would dress-in a slick suit. I walk in, and there are all these guys in baggy shorts with those macrame-and-bead necklaces on, poring over their scripts, trying to learn their lines. And I was wondering, ‘What have these people been doing for the past week?’ I must admit that it was one time when I wasn’t surprised that I got the part.”

  • “It was the most calculated move I ever made. I called my agent and said, "I’ve done five movies in a row that didn’t come out.” I said, “I want something that gets distribution. I don’t give a shit what it is.”

  • “Then it was released, and one person saw it. I still don’t know what happened. I can say categorically it did nothing for me.”

  • “No one saw it. Including me.”


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