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Wilson's Heart, S4

He should have won an Emmy for this.
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A friend on Twitter just posted this wonderful photo of RSL performing at Selected Shorts at Symphony Space in New York!  (Fits with the last entry, too!)

RSL music stand


A neighbor of mine ushers at Symphony Space.  He told me that the former programmer is ill with advanced brain cancer.  The woman who's taken her place is experimenting with different formats.  So the regular Selected Shorts format isn't being used as much.  Tonight, for example, they are showing film of earlier Selected Shorts.

Somehow I think they'll go back to the original format once the subscribers start complaining!
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This week may be a little racy for a Wednesday afternoon ;-)
Drunk!Wilson at Chase's Bachelor party ('House Divided' S05E22)

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Happy ! This week: Wilson in House Vs God (S02E19 -one of my favourite episodes!) because -yum! <3

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I have had literally no time this week, but thought I'd post a quickie! Wilson's face when he sees that House is alive! Could he look any happier?!

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Happy Wilson Wednesday! This week: Wilson in S07E05 "Unplanned Parenthood"

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Pics from a deleted scene from S08E21 of Wilson visiting Amber's grave! :-(
(Sorry, didn't get time to do something more fun this week, been very busy!)

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Happy Wilson Wednesday! I know not everyone is a fan, but personally I loved her/the whole story arc.
This week's theme is: Wilson and Amber!

Also, as a little bonus, I thought I'd post this old interview with RSL. It's one of my favourite's with him and it briefly mentions Amber in it.

Robert Sean Leonard Interview by RSLarchive


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