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I saw this on iTunes this morning. Unfortunately it doesn't appear on the Selected Shorts site yet.

"Guest Host Robert Sean Leonard presents two pieces about living in the dark."

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Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents four holiday tales--two merry, and two a little melancholy.  First, David Rakoff's account of playing the father of psychoanalysis in a department store window.  His "Christmas Freud" is read by Jon Glaser.  Next, a middle-aged woman awaits a new love, in Edna O'Brien's "Violets," read by Fionnula Flanagan.  A young man returns in William Maxwell's "Homecoming," read by Keir Dullea.  And Calvin Trillin wants to get out of town in his ditty "Christmas in Qatar," which he reads himself.

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Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents three stories about fateful encounters. Henry Slesar's "The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross" was a classic “Twilight Zone” episode about over-ambition, read by Leonard. Leonard also reads Eric Schlich's "Head Over Knees," in which a teen's envy turns to empathy. And Helen Oyeyemi dresses an old fairy tale in new clothes in “Dornicka and the St. Martin's Day Goose," read by Colby Minifie.

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Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents a tribute to the classic TV series, “The Twilight Zone,” including two stories that were featured on the show: Price Day’s “Four O’Clock,” read by Zachary Quinto, in which a man with awesome powers knows just how to improve the world. And “Perchance to Dream,” by Charles Beaumont, in which the lines between sleeping and waking blur. It’s read by Zach Grenier. Roald Dahl’s “The Landlady,” is the perfect hostess, thinks the young man who comes to her door. It’s read by Sam Underwood.
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Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents three stories about people in pursuit of the good life.

Listen here:

RSL presents this broadcast (doesn't do a reading) but it's worth a listen to because his sponsor message at the beginning is rather amusing! Enjoy!
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On August 22nd, Jane Kaczmarek will participate in a Selected Shorts presentation entitled "Unforgettable Journeys" at The Mahaiwe in Great Barrington, MA. Jane Curtin and Robert Sean Leonard will also read that evening in the Berkshires.

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Hi everyone :) I went to see Selected Shorts the other night, and did a little write-up on my LJ, if you're interested.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pics -- Sorry!

Read on
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The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center presents Selected Shorts Unforgettable Journeys on Monday, August 22 at 7:30pm. The evening will feature spellbinding short stories by established and emerging writers, performed by stars of the stage and screen. Host Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle), along with the show’s longtime readers Jane Curtin (Unforgettable) and Robert Sean Leonard (House) perform moving and comical stories of destinations real and imaginary, far flung, and close at hand, with journeys featuring wild adventures, comic mishaps, and unexpected encounters.

Full details and press release here:

The press release also came with this picture, which I haven't seen before! (Click for Hi-Res):

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Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents works about living, and not living, in New York City.

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RSL will be hosting an evening of short stories called "The Twilight Zone" in NYC.  He often hosts and sometimes reads.

Here's the link:
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“Portal,” by J. Robert Lennon -Read by Robert Sean Leonard.
“A Curtain of Green,” by Eudora Welty -Read by Frances Sternhagen

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Another Selected Shorts hosted by Robert.

Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents three stories for the holidays. In “One Christmas,” Truman Capote visits the father he hardly knew. John Shea is the reader. Grace Paley imagines what happens when a Jewish schoolgirl with “The Loudest Voice” is cast in the Christmas play; Linda Lavin reads. And Isaiah Sheffer reads James Thurber’s re-imagining of a famous poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” in the style of Ernest Hemingway.
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Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents two sweet tales of happily ever after.

"Hi this is Robert Sean Leonard. As the head of the national actors voicing podcast sponsorship message institute, I'm often asked: What's the big deal with reading a podcast spot?
Of course, I make it sound easy..."

Wait. What?! He's being silly... or is being the "Head of the National Actors Voicing Podcast Sponsorship Message Institute???" really a thing? LOL
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Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents two stories in which children are at risk.
“On the Hill,” by Elizabeth Spencer, performed by Robert Sean Leonard
“Modern Girls,” by Teju Cole, performed by Zainab Jah


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