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Mods, I'm not sure how to tag this. I found it doing a Google image search.
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Thanks to Ginger1982 at tumblr for the information!
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Here's a new review. This guy was a fan of the pared-down production. He also enjoys run-on sentences.

Tony winner Robert Sean Leonard, who played the teen hero of Neil Simon’s “Brighton Beach Memoirs” at the Playhouse way back in 1986, returns as King Arthur bringing gravity and a heroic presence to the role immediately captivating the audience with his rendering of “I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight?”. Leonard is simply magnetic and also shares great chemistry with Britney Coleman playing Guenevere.
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It's over on my journal here.

Suffice to say it was all I could to not attack him while he was onstage.  YUMMY.
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This one talks about RSL a bit more! Yay!

Start with Robert Sean Leonard as Arthur. Some notable actors have assayed this role—Richard Burton, Richard Harris among them—so we can assume it has some attraction. Here, it’s easy to see why. Leonard shows us that acting can be, first and foremost, the task of finding a voice for a character. His rolls and dips, riding a tone that feels grand and humble at the same time. It’s a marvel. He portrays Arthur as affable and kind, a bit absent-minded like a retiring elder statesman, and cautious like a man of war unable to fathom what it’s like to win a queen—“I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight.” But Leonard’s boyish good looks, into his late 40s, make him an excellent choice for the role, and he handles “How to Handle a Woman” with requisite tenderness.
Arthur’s rapport with his Guenevere, Britney Coleman, seems one of mutual admiration, and his championing of the headstrong Lancelot (Stephen Mark Lukas), even after he has reasons to suspect the pair’s fidelity to him, adds a chastened air to Arthur that Leonard wears well. It’s an affecting grasp of a character who comes to us now as an even more legendary ideal in a time when pure and selfless leaders seem fewer than ever. Leonard’s rendering of the title song feels almost off-the-cuff, finding inspiration as he warms to the theme.
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Considering opening night was last Saturday, there has been surprisingly little! And they don't mention RSL much either!
"Striding on-stage Robert Sean Leonard embodies the perennially conflicted, newly crowned King Arthur"
"Leonard is Richard Burton's successor as King Arthur. He has it all - the wisdom, the charm, the air of nobility, the poignancy of the king whose love for his wife and his dream for democracy shattered. Oh, and he has the charisma we expect of the legendary king."

Ummm... that's all folks!

Westport Playhouse also released a sneak peak. It is annoyingly not an RSL scene though! But you can see it here
(To be fair, Britney Coleman seems like a lovely singer!)
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wcplayhouseHave you seen our dashing #KingArthur? #RobertSeanLeonard is on the front page of Sunday's @thehournewsroom! #camelot #WestportCT #lernerandloewe #house #deadpoetssociety

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With Shane-Ann Younts, who appears to be a dialect coach for the show.


Sep. 29th, 2016 07:32 pm
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A short video of Camelot in rehearsal. Tried to embed it but for some reason it didn't work so have posted link below.
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Broadway World has an article about the Westport Country Playhouse 2016 "Gala." It included the cast of Camelot belting out some tunes.

Here's a link and a photo.

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Tony Award-winning actor Robert Sean Leonard, best known for tv's "House," film's "Dead Poet's Society," and Broadway's "The Invention of Love" and "Long Day's Journey Into Night," will portRay King Arthur in Lerner and Loewe's "Camelot," a freshly inventive take on the classic musical, at Westport Country Playhouse, October 4 - 30.

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