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An article that I saw on tumblr. Hopefully they'll write an article about Wilson's ties for each season.

Feel free to spam this post with your favorite ugly Wilson tie (from any season).
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I was looking at [livejournal.com profile] wilsonsupremacy and there are a lot of great pics there.  I couldn't resist snitching them.
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I think we have all heard this story before, but David Shore discusses Robert Sean Leonard's audition for House in this interview. It's quite interesting what he says about Wilson having to be a complicated character for House to be interested in him!


(The bit about RSL starts at 4:20)
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I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! Never one to go back on my word, I have taken a break from the box of Quality Street to create this week's Wilson Wednesday post!

This week: Wilson in Bed! (as requested by two seperate people!!!!)

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One of my favorite exchanges in the entire series!

Cripple eye
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This week, I received a request for Wilson in 'casual clothes!'

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The theme of this weeks Wilson Wednesday is: Wilson doing medical/Doctor-y things!

Bonus: Wilson trying to be a boy wonder Oncologist on Speeeeeed!!! :

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I hope you don't mind me posting another discussion topic! The previous discussions have prompted me to think about other topics that left me bitter wondering...

The story arc of Wilson and his brother Daniel/Danny got sadly dropped from the series. I was gutted about this as I thought it was a fascinating insight into why Wilson was the way he was and there was potential for some great scenes (including scenes with House.)

So my question is: What do you think happened between Wilson and Daniel after they reconnected in The Social Contract.
We know that Wilson continued to visit for a bit as he started a brief relationship with one of the nurses. He also told House he'd like him to meet Danny. Do you think this ever happened and if so, how did it go??

Danny is never mentioned again, even during Wilson's cancer arc (Let's face it, even his parents seem unbothered that their son was terminally ill!) so I was left wondering whether or not they remained in contact and if not, what happenend?

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Since I enjoyed this post about Wilson's background so much, I thought I'd start another (inspired by a recent conversation on tumblr.) These are the questions that plagued me most about Wilson and I've discussed them with fans a lot over the years but you all have such interesting and valid views, I'd love to hear them!

1) Why did Wilson live in a hotel for so long! (from moving out of House's apartment in Season 2 until he moved in with Amber in Season 4!) He obviously made a conscious decision to, it's not like he couldn't get an apartment!

2) The Grace thing. Yes Wilson was known as a bit of a ladies man... but moving in with a dying patient?

Some lonely hotel room Wilson to jog your memory:
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I was just reminding myself of some of Wilson's history for some writing I was doing and referred to his bio on the House Wikia page (link above.)

I noted it mentioned his early life and his parents:

Wilson was born in New Jersey to Henry and Sophie (nee Krugman) Wilson. Wilson's father is Protestant and his mother is Jewish. Due to the mixed religions the family never seriously practiced one religion or another, although Wilson is recognized as being Jewish (as Judaism recognizes the religion passing down the mother's line, not the father's). From the time Wilson was born until he was ten his father Henry was a woodshop teacher that did oddjobs for extra money, Sophie was a nurse.

Is this stuff true or has it just been invented by the writer of the page? It was never mentioned in the series (as far as I remember!) and i don't recall any official releases about Wilson's history!

Can anyone elighten me?
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Q - Who was your favorite person on set? Any funny memories while shooting that come to mind?

A - Lambie. (Look it up on youtube - it was an RSL alter ego)

David Shore (Reddit AMA)

The Lamby Tapes: Part 1 and Part 2

*Thanks to Ginger1982 for pointing this out.
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[livejournal.com profile] hughville posted these in [livejournal.com profile] house_memories, and I had to snag them. Did I post the one that ends, "Your mama"?





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