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This comprehensive website gathers a variety of reviews of various shows.  This is the page for Prodigal Son.

Review Roundup: John Patrick Shanley's PRODIGAL SON Opens at MTC

Each excerpt links back to the full review.  I was a bit surprised at how positive most of them were.  But to each their own.

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This is from The Clyde Fitch Report.

John Patrick Shanley’s “Prodigal Son”: Too Prodigal?

With Prodigal Son, John Patrick Shanley has written a fascinating play. This doesn’t mean he’s written an entirely successful play, although he’s completely successful with the performance that, as his own director, he gets from Timothée Chalamet as the focal figure, a deeply distressed schoolboy named Jim Quinn.

According to the playwright’s program note, Jim Quinn is actually a moniker for Shanley himself. Thus, Prodigal Son is nothing less than a memoir conceived as a play. There you have the fascinating source for this intermissionless, 90-minute work, and there you have its complex flaw. Certainly anyone who knows anything about Shanley but doesn’t read his program note before the performance begins (as I hadn’t) will immediately wonder how autobiographical Prodigal Son is.

The full review is here.

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Short article about Prodigal Son and video interview with Robert Sean Leonard and Timothee Chalamet.

I tried and tried to embed the video but it wouldn't work, so click the pictue or link and it will direct you to the website:

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Thanks to Amy for all her hard work.
Here's another review (had to make a separate post kept getting spam message).


There is this interesting bit at near the bottom:

Robert Sean Leonard as Hoffman does as much as possible with a character who doesn’t make much sense to us because Shanley, still seeing his teacher through a teenager’s eyes, cannot make sense of him either. That being the case, and knowing from the play that Hoffman, before he died, specifically asked Shanley not to write about him, I wonder whether this material was ill served, not just theatrically but morally, by its fully autobiographical treatment

I find it frustrating that the writer makes a statement and then leaves it hanging for us to contemplate any possible reasons. I wonder if those who've seen the play have any thoughts on this?

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I will keep this updated as well as the picture thread. Feel free to add your own links by editing or posting in comments!
ETA: Thanks [livejournal.com profile] snugs45 for all her help!

The links are now under the cut as the list has gotten very long!
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There are more clips on the MTC You Tube page, but I think the others were featured in the montage video!
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A piece about the preview of Prodigal Son which gives the story of the play and towards the end a bit about RSL.

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Tickets for the limited engagement, which is now in previews at MTC at New York City Center - Stage I, are now on sale through Sunday, March 27.

Source: http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/MTC-Extends-World-Premiere-of-John-Patrick-Shanleys-PRODIGAL-SON-20160201
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Tickets are now on sale for Manhattan Theatre Club's productions of Ripcord, the world-premiere comedy by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire; Prodigal Son, the world-premiere play written and directed by Tony Award, Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winner John Patrick Shanley; and the American premiere of Incognito, the new play by Nick Payne.



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